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The city of Gandia is the heart of the Valencian administrative region of La Safor. Gandia has a privileged location, between the sea and the mountains. Within the city, one is surrounded by a rich historical heritage that permeates the monuments and the spirit of the people. This is one of the biggest attractions of a city whose tourism sector is capable, through its infrastructure and variety, of satisfying the most demanding visitors.

A visit to Gandia allows you to discover a very special city. Its beach, its historical centre linked to the most universal Valencian family (els Borja – the Borgia) and its natural environment provide the city with a unique quality that combines the warmth of Mediterranean destinations with a powerful tourist appeal.

To live Gandia means to live the Mediterranean, to live “la fiesta”, gastronomy, nature, sport ….

Gandia reveals all its possibilities to you in order that you may choose the one you like the most. Visit Gandia, and live it!


The local cuisine of Gandia and La Safor is a cuisine of the smells and flavours, of the raw materials and the traditions of the Mediterranean. The people of La Safor are huge consumers of rice, in the form of stews, “dry” dishes (oven-baked) and dishes cooked in paella pans. The ingredients are very varied and the range of rice recipes is very extensive. The paella pan is also used to make “fideuà“, in which rice is replaced by noodles (which are cooked with seafood). The dish is considered to have originated in Gandia.

Gandia’s sweets and pastries, which include “el tortell” and “la delicà de Gandia”, are famous in the region of La Safor and in the nearby regions.

Places of interest:

Gandia’s Beaches
Any time of year is perfect to enjoy the beaches of Gandia, thanks to their superb location and enviable weather. The exceptional quality of our beaches is more than proven by means of the most renowned hallmarks of quality: ISO-9001, ISO-14001, Q for Quality and EMAS.

Gandia’s beaches stretch along 7 kilometres of coastline and cover an area of 700,000 square metres of fine, white sand: an ideal location for pleasant strolls, with the crystal clear waters providing the perfect excuse for a refreshing swim during hot summer days. Gandia is the ideal place to enjoy the best Mediterranean beaches, which have been awarded Blue Flags in recognition of the quality of their waters and services throughout the entire year. Gandia is not only a must for its characteristic sun and sand, but also for its 95,000-capacity accommodation offer, distributed among hotels and apartments, accompanied by the guarantee and the service of the best professionals in the catering sector.

Platja del Nord (Playa Norte)
Platja del Nord (North Beach), places all its catering and leisure services at your disposal to enable you to enjoy a memorable holiday. Fine, golden sand, cool, clear water and endless things to do. There is nothing like a walk along the beachfront, with its wide array of cafes, ice cream parlours and restaurants, where you can enjoy the best cuisine in area.

Playa de L’Ahuir
If what you want is a quiet, unspoilt beach, Playa de L’Ahuir is the perfect choice. The beach’s dues have been regenerated, respecting and protecting the flora and fauna, in order to enable everyone to enjoy the magnificent dune landscape in the most natural manner. Here you will find one of the best authorized and signposted nudist beaches in Valencia.

Playa de Venècia
Venècia Beach is a small urban sandy beach, equipped with the most basic services that make it a comfortable and quiet place for the whole family. Measuring 330 metres in length and 50 metres in width, Playa de Venècia is ideal for a great beach day in total harmony with nature.

Playa de Rafalcaid
Rafalcaid Beach, the last beach of Gandia’s coast, is the ideal place for you to disappear. This is the only semi-urban beach that combines sand and bowling and which, at 800 metres in length and 50 metres wide, is considered a small paradise of crystal clear waters.

Heritage and culture
Palau Ducal (Ducal Palace)
Collegiate Church of Santa Maria de la Seu de Gandia
Marqués Gonzáles de Quirós Culture Centre
Old University


The magic of the Mediterranean, the noise of gunpowder, the heat of fire and the unique light of our sunsets combine to make Gandia the perfect destination, where tradition, festivities and spectacle come together to offer visitors the real taste of a city that lives its “fiestas” throughout the entire year.

“Las Fallas” have been celebrated in Gandia since the end of the 19th century. This typical Valencian festival takes place between 16th and 19th March, and during which visitors can enjoy the many “Fallas” monuments and lively street life. During “Fallas”, Gandia is filled with music and parades. The “falleros”, attired in traditional Valencian clothing, walk through Gandia representing their city. During these days, a series of very symbolic acts are held, such as the baptism, the awards ceremony for the monuments, the floral offering to the Virgin, the “mascletàs” fireworks, etc. “Las Fallas” culminate with “La Nit de la Cremà”, when the monuments are burned, lighting up the night of Saint Joseph’s Day, accompanied both by the sadness of the “falleros” for the loss, and by the hope and enthusiasm that comes from knowing that they will create new monuments for the next year.

Fira i Festes
“Fira i Festes de Gandia” are the city’s main festivities, held in honour of Saint Francis Borgia. These festivities take place from 28th September to 3th October, the day of the patron saint. The origin of the fair dates back to 1310, when James II of Aragon granted the town the privilege of holding an annual market. This recreation of a medieval market is currently held throughout the old town. It is accompanied by traditional activities and games, musical performances, theatre and street entertainment for all publics and all ages. Moreover, all these activities are supported by the fair, located in the local exhibition centre and where fun is guaranteed with the newest and most popular attractions that will delight young and old alike.

The main character of the Fira i Festes is “El Tio de la Porra”, a character who parodies the French soldiers and draws children from the schools accompanied by the rhythm of the drums that mark the beginning of the festivities.


North Beach

Ducal Palace

Fideuà from Gandia

Parpallo Caves

Other places of interestGandia

Historical Center

L´Auir Beach




Sea Museum

Bairen castle

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