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Potries is a small village located in the heart of the bountiful Valencian administrative region of La Safor, halfway between the exceptional local beaches and the mountain ranges that lie to the south-west. The most prominent local peak is La Safor, which rises some 1013m above sea level. The municipality covers an area of 3.2 km2 and borders with the municipalities of Beniflá, La Font d’en Carros, Vilallonga and Ador. The mostly flat terrain is suitable for the different crops that have been grown in the area throughout history. An exception is represented by the small foothills in the south of the municipality: at the foot of “Els Tossalets”, measuring a little over 100m in height, lies the village. The River Serpis borders the municipality to the east, constituting its most significant geographical feature and a natural area of unique beauty. In fact, the River Serpis and its surroundings have been declared a Valencia Region Protected Area for their “scenic, ecological and cultural value, derived from a harmonious historic relationship between man and the environment” (Decree 39/2007). The climate is characterized by relatively mild winters and hot summers, with average temperatures throughout the year ranging between 13 to 25 degrees. Rainfall is concentrated mainly in the autumn and the spring. Potries currently has a population of 1,056 inhabitants.


The local cuisine is varied and differs in accordance with the seasons. Local dishes are generally prepared with local produce, although some dishes are made with seafood. In most households it is still common to cook with clay pots, which were formerly taken to the village bakery for cooking in ovens. Rice dishes hold a prominent place in the local gastronomy: baked (mention may be made of the delicious baked rice dish made with anchovies), paella (with chickpeas, snails, cod and cauliflower, etc.). Stews (with beans and turnips) and the traditional “puchero”, or “olla de fiesta” casseroles are also popular. A typical dish in Potries, which is always made in a clay pot and baked, is “Bonítol” a delicious salted fish. Other typical dishes include “coques” and pasties (tomato, peas and onion, herbs, etc.). Local sweet dishes include pumpkin fritters, walnut cakes and “coca” with orange.

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