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It covers an area of 111.46 square kilometres and, therefore, it is one of the largest in the Valencia Region. It lies 40 km from the capital. The municipality is divided into two sectors: The municipality is completely flat on the banks of the River Júcar. Towards the southeast lie the “Corbera”, “Murta” and “Les Agulles” ranges, which encompass the “Murta”, “Casella” and “Aguas Vivas” valleys. “La Garrofera” sector is broken by the eastern slopes of the “Sierra de Tous” range. The Town Hall (16th century), the medieval walls, the Church of Saint Catherine, the Municipal Museum, the Hermitage of Our Lady of Lluch, as well as numerous natural sites such as “La Casella”, “La Murta” and “El Cavall de Bernat”, as well as Murta Monastery.


The most notable local dishes are paella, baked rice and “arròs fesols i amb naps” (rice with beans and turnips). Alzira’s local cuisine has rice as one of its protagonists, and especially paella. The most popular local version of this dish is paella with rabbit and meatballs, known as “pilotes”. Other varieties are baked rice, “panses i cigrons” (rice with raisins and chickpeas) and “fesols i naps” (rice with beans and turnips). During “Las Fallas”, “els bunyols” (pumpkin fritters) are prepared; at Easter it is the turn of sweet potato and pumpkin cakes and cod balls, whilst “les mones” are made for Passover. Desserts include ice-cream, sweets and season fruit including, of course, oranges.

Places of interest:

“La Cruz Cubierta” (Covered Cross), where it is said the James I the Conqueror died whilst being taken to Valencia. The Town Hall dates from the 16th century and is housed in a civil gothic-styled palace, typical of the Valencian mansions. The Archpriest Church of Saint Catherine (18th century) was built on top of the main mosque. Residential Houses of the Saint Bernard Bridge. Old Saint Augustine Bridge (13th-century). The Villa and the Wall of Alzira. “La Villa” is the oldest neighbourhood and corresponds to the old village, totally surrounded by a wall until the second half of the 20th century. Other historical features include the Archpriest Church of Saint Catherine, the Town Hall, and various historical houses and palaces, such as “Casa del Empeño” (Town Museum), “Casa Tena”, the Cassassús Palace and “Casa Cucó-Gisbert de Alzadora”. Alzira also has several hiking trails. The PR-V303 trail covers a total of 23km, and its route runs almost parallel to “La Casella” ravine. Points of interest include the historical and artistic heritage of Alzira, the defensive works built to protect against the flooding of the River Xúquer, the orange groves and the beautiful views of the “Les Agulles” and “El Cavall” mountains. “Pic de la Ratlla”, PR-V304. This trail measures 7 km, including its derivations. The trail starts at “La Casella” Forestry House, where it joins with the PR-V303. It leads us to the “Ratlla” peak, the highest point of the range, and ends at “El Puntal de Massalari”. The highlight of the itinerary are the aerial views of the mountains and the Mediterranean Sea.


Alzira, as in many Valencian villages, celebrates “Las Fallas” from 16th to 19th March. Alzira’s Holy Week festivities have been declared of National Tourist Interest, in which over 7000 participants, grouped into 18 brotherhood, parade through the streets in a procession. On the third Sunday in May a floral and fruit offering is celebrated in the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lluch, whilst during the second fortnight in September the town’s main festivities are held, with events including the carrying of a statue of Our Lady down into the town, a procession, dances, etc. But undoubtedly, Alzira’s most important festivities are the main festivities held in honour of Saint Bernard, Mary and Grace. They are organized by the town council and include a wide range of events. Finally, on 30th December, Saint Sylvester’s Day, the anniversary of the entry of James I of Aragon into Alzira is celebrated with a procession and a floral offering to the monument of the conquering king.


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Tourist Info Alzira

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