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Rafelguaraf is situated between the River Albaida and the Sierra de Agulles range. The village of Rafelguaraf has 1887 inhabitants and 520 houses, mostly two- and three-story buildings. There are also small villages in the surroundings, such as Tossalnou (340 inhabitants), Riu-Rau (170 inhabitants) and Berfull (35 inhabitants) There are also certain residential areas in the municipality. The most significant are located in “Pla de Dalt” and “Camino de Barxeta”, and less so those in the “Las Delciias” area.


Rafelguaraf’s cuisine is notable for its wide variety of Valencian rice dishes. Local sweet dishes include the popular “rollo de espuma”.

Places of interest:

Parish Church of Rafelguaraf and Parish Church of Tossalnou.


The village’s main festivities are held in May and August.

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