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Chera is a mountainous municipality in the province of Valencia. It has 611 inhabitants and lies 85 km from the capital. Immersed in an enveloping tranquility and quiet, the village is located inside an enormous graben formed sixty-five million years ago and is surrounded by steep peaks of up to 1,176 m. Its economy is based mainly on rural tourism and mountain farming, which includes the cultivation of almond and olive trees.

Measures have been taken to preserve and protect the village’s unique natural and scenic values through the creation of the only Geopark in the Valencia Region, together with an Environmental Foundation and a Natural Park. It includes areas of striking beauty and great interest for tourists, including the Buseo Reservoir, “La Hoz Ravine, the “Garita” caves and Chera Castle, among others.


Chera has taken advantage of the resources offered by the land. The local agriculture is mainly centred on three Mediterranean products; almonds, olives (known here as Olivera) and vines (currently cultivated with less intensity), as well as fruit and vegetables. There is also a long tradition of beekeeping, which still persists in the village.

Mention must be made of the excellent quality of the raw materials employed in Chera’s traditional cuisine. The local cuisine is typical of the interior of Valencia, which has cold, harsh winters. The main dishes are “olla cherana” (stew), “ajoarriero”, made with garlic, potatoes and egg, “migas ruleras”, potatoes with eggs, and pork and its derivatives. Traditionally, pigs have been slaughtered in the area during the winter months, although this practice is becoming increasingly uncommon. Summer sees a wide range of fruit and vegetables, as well as nuts such as almonds and walnuts. When speaking of traditional local cuisine, a special mention may be made of our sweets, which are almost always made with honey: “migas dulces”, “turroncillo” and honey rolls. Other emblematic sweets include “amantecaos”, anise rolls and, more recently, chocolate pasties.

Places of interest:

Buseo Reservoir

“La Hoz” ravine

“La Garita” waterfall and caves

“La Castellana” pool and waterfall

Church of Our Lady of the Angels


The “Ropé” and “Nieves” peaks

Free camping area, open all year round.

Visitors cannot miss a visit to the Geological Park and its museum, both located within the municipality.– More information at


Chera’s main festivities are dedicated to Our Lady of the Angels and Saint Joseph, and are held during the first week in August. The Queen and the Infant Queen of the Festivities, who represent the village throughout the festivities in the company of their Court of Honour (composed of villagers of all ages selected from among the organizers of the festivities) are chosen some days beforehand. Other, more recreational activities, include those organised for children, such a fancy-dress parade accompanied by floats. Upon its conclusion, there is a paella competition, open to all those in the village. This is one of the most enjoyable and fun days of the entire festivities. Throughout the festivities a range of sporting contests are held, such as dominoes championships, chess, “truc” (traditional Valencian card game) and the “Memorial Vicente Gisbert” 5-a-side football tournament. The corresponding prizes, awarded by the Queens of the Festivities, bring the celebrations to a close.


Garita Caves

Buseo recervoir

Rope Peak


Other places of interestChera

Hiking and mountain biking routes

Natural Park

Geological park

Tourist Info Chera

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