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Chiva is a municipality located in a privileged enclave within the administrative region of Hoya de Buñol-Chiva. It covers an area of 177.7 km2. Chiva is located at the foot of “La Loma del Castillo”, a strategic point offering a wonderful view of Valencia, with excellent sea and mountain views. Its proximity to the city of Valencia allows us to enjoy the tranquillity of the inland areas, with an ample tourist offer.


Chiva’s typical dishes include meat stew (with beans, potatoes, chard, bacon, blood sausage with bread and onions, “güeña” and bones), stew with collard greens (with beans, chards and potatoes), “mojete” and bean ratatouille. Valencian paella is also very popular.

Chiva also stands out for its variety of red, white and rose wines, which are produced by the three, well-known local agricultural cooperatives.

Places of interest:

Chiva Castle: (of Muslim origin, built on Roman foundations), currently in ruins (due to the considerable deterioration suffered during the Carlist Wars and its subsequent military use). There are some remains of the walls and a tower. It is currently under the protection of the law on Spanish historical heritage.

Parish Church of Saint John the Baptist (archpriest – built between 1733 and 1781).

Natural parks:

There are numerous sites of interest in the nearby Sierra de Chiva range, including “La Alhandiga”, “Umbria” and “El Enebro”, with its springs of the same name. “La Fuente del Enebro”, “Marjana”, “Umbría”, “La Alhóndiga” and “Vista Alegre” have ecosystems of enormous natural value.

Visitors are able to enjoy the many sites of great scenic and natural value, including “La Fuente del Enebro”, “Marrana”, “La Alhóndiga” and “Vista Alegre”, with their recreational areas. The Sierra de Chiva range is host to a large number of archaeological sites and remains, such as the Iberian settlement of “El Castillejo”, “la Cueva de Vacas”, “la Cueva del Sapo”, “el Abrigo de la Peña Roya”, “la Fuente dels Conills”. As for the trails crossing the municipality of Chiva, mention may be made of the “Malvaje” PRV-300 trail, which crosses the north of the range. Work is currently underway on its signage.

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The festivities in honour of the village’s patron saint, Saint John, are held on 24th June, although the most important festivities take place from 1st to 8th September. They commemorate the appearance of the Virgin of the Castle. The statue of the patron saint is carried down in procession from the hermitage at the beginning of the festivities. Between 15th and 19th, the festivities of “El Torico de la Cuerda” are held, and there is bull-running on 29th of the same month. Festivities in honour of Saint John are held at the end of June. On Resurrection Sunday, the encounter between the Virgin and the resurrected Jesus is celebrated, accompanied by the tolling of bells. The celebrations include the transfer of the statue of the Virgin from the castle to the hermitage.

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