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The municipality of Llaurí borders with the municipalities of Alzira, Corbera, Favara, Fortaleny and Sueca. The northernmost part lies on a plateau of recent quaternary sediments, covered by rice fields. The southern sector is where the village centre is to be found.


Rice with broth, baked rice (with raisins and sweet potato, a variant that is particular to the village), and the sweet “arnadí”, made with pumpkin and which is usually prepared at Easter.

Places of interest:

There are excellent natural landscapes, due to the village’s orographic situation in the foothills of the Sierra Corbera range: “Fuente de Sant Sofí”, “La Creu” and “el Mont Verd”.


Festivities in honour of Saint Blaise are held on 3rd February, with religious acts, a funfair and a craft fair, and “la pasaeta del mocador a Sant Blai”. Around 10th August, festivities are held in honour of Saint Lawrence.

Tourist Info Llaurí

Telf.: 962560468(Ayto.)