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Nàquera is located in the foothills of the Sierra Calderona range, 23 km from Valencia. The municipality is divided into two distinct parts: the plain and the mountains. It is located on a small hill, upon which there was formerly a castle, at an altitude of 212 m above sea level and at the entrance of a large and luminous valley. Surrounded by pine trees and fountains, there are many residential area distributed throughout the municipality. It also has an industrial park located in the southwest of the municipality on the border with the town of Moncada, just metres from the junction with the bypass.


The main festivities begin in late August and last the entire month of September. They include a variety of acts, such as a youth festival, a music festival, a popular dance, music shows, children’s activities, etc. Highlights include the traditional fancy dress parade, which is usually held on the last Saturday in the month. The Festivity of the Virgin of the Rosary is held on 1st October. Mention may be made of the popular paellas and the offering of flowers to the Infant Jesus. The 2nd is the day of the Infant Jesus, dedicated to children. Mention may be made of the local dish (stew). On 3rd October, festivities are held in celebration of the Incarnation, patroness of Nàquera. A celebration is held in honour of the village’s two eldest neighbours, and the statue of Saint Francis of Assisi is carried from the church to the hermitage in the presence of the villagers and accompanied by a band and flares. The event terminates with a firework display. The festivities in honour of St. Francis of Assisi, patron saint of the village, are celebrated on 4th October. During the celebrations, a statue of the saint is carried from the hermitage through the village’s streets, with a temporary stop halfway along the route to celebrate the traditional “chocolatá” (during which chocolate is drunk). Finally, there is an offering of flowers to the different statues representing the saint. Traditional “mascletaes” firework displays are stages and early-morning awakenings, known as “despertaes” are organized by the events organizers. There are also night-time music shows and dinners.

Places of interest:

Nàquera is a destination chosen by many holiday-makers by virtue of its privileged location in the Sierra Calderona range. “El Pi del Salt”, “Font del Oro” and “La Cueva de los Estudiantes” are some of the natural areas of interest that can be enjoyed in Nàquera. The neo-gothic Hermitage of St. Francis of Assisi was built in the early 20th-century. It is one of the most iconic and beloved buildings of the locals. Náquera is also known for its combination of rich landscape and tourism, offering a multitude of trails from which the visitor can enjoy magnificent views. Nàquera’s monuments include the Hermitage of Saint Francis, which houses an altarpiece of St. Francis of Assisi, and the Church of Our Lady of the Incarnation. Due to its farming tradition, there are still remnants of rural architecture, such as” Algibe de la Patá” and “Mina del Sifó”, as well as numerous farmyards.


The main festivities are held on 3rd and 4th October in honour of the Incarnation and St. Francis of Assisi, the patrons of Nàquera. Religious celebrations, fireworks, various recreational celebrations and a fancy dress parade that may be considered the main, most popular event make for a very extensive festivity programme. The festivities close with firework displays. The Festivity of the Virgin of the Rosary is held on 1st October. There are two main events during the festivities: Popular paellas and the offering of flowers to the Infant Jesus.


Hermitage and viewpoint

Pi del salt and quarries: (PR CV 329)

Town center and traditional houses

Modernist villas / La Carrasca

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