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The village centre, the Renaissance church, the tower (1880), the village square, built in 1905, with a fountain in the centre known as “La Panoja”, the Iberian necropolis and the public lavoir. (1920). The village also has extensive environmental and landscape heritage: “La Hoz” landscape, “Presa de los Comuneros”, “Presa del Rentón”, River Zarra, “La Hoz” cave, “Valle” cave, “La Vega” spring and “Los Cuchillos”.


There are two Mediterranean hackberry craft workshops, where pitchforks, walking sticks, hangers, shafts, “muletilllas”, etc., are made. Handmade cured sausages, which are typical to Zarra, and homemade hams are also produced in the village.


Gastronomy is another of the outstanding characteristics of our village. Despite belonging to the province of Valencia, our cuisine is very influenced by Castile La Mancha, with special mention to be made of gazpacho manchego, stews and “gachamiga”. In terms of confectionery, we have “tortitas”, honey rolls and “toñas zarrinas”. The maximum representative of our local produce is the cherry, which grows in the shelter of the mountains that surround the village. The cured sausages made using traditional methods, as well as our hams, are known and appreciated in the different villages that populate the valley.


17th January (Saint Anthony): The slaughtering of pigs to obtain meat for local products, the production of homemade cured sausages, pilgrimage and bonfires. 26th July, Festivities in honour of Saint Ann (Patron Saint) 1st to 8th August: Bull-running, street dances and games.

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