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Bolbaite is located in the region of Canal de Navarrés in the south-east of the province of Valencia, some 84 km from the city of Valencia.

Located in the River Sallent basin, Bolbaite lies in the centre of the region. The municipality’s terrain is undulating, rising from 250m in the east to 600m in the west. It borders to the north with Navarrés, to the south with Énguera and Xella, with which it also borders to the east, and to the west with Quesa, all of which are villages within the province of Valencia.


Local gastronomy includes broth with meatballs, rice with herbs, brothy rice, black paella (with artichokes), “bridesmaid’s” rice, broth with pencas and, as in the rest of the nearby region, gazpacho and gachamiga. Other savoury dishes include “coques” (baked mass with toppings) with different ingredients: sausages, bacon and pork ribs, peppers, tomato, egg and tuna.

Local sweet dishes include peanut and sweet potato cakes, biscuit torticas, Swiss roll, peanut nougat, cristine cakes, coconut sweets and almond pastries.

Places of interest:

A stroll through this small, pretty village will take the visitor through different historical periods:

The ruins of Bolbaite Castle, located in the highest part of the village date from the Muslim period and are Arabic in origin. It was built in the 16th century in the residence-palace of the Pardo de la Casta family, the local feudal lords. It has been declared of Cultural Interest.

The baroque Church of Saint Francis of Paola was originally built in 1521 and was reconstructed in 1780.

Beyond the village centre, and located 300m above sea-level on a small hill, we find the hermitage of Saint Barbara. From this vantage point we are able to contemplate a large part of the surrounding region.

The municipality includes natural area of great scenic and ecological interest. Mention may be made of the landscape surrounding the Hermitage of Saint Barbara, the River Sallent, the Pedra bridge and the Cadena gorge.

Bolbaite conserves its traditional wickerwork and esparto crafts, as well as the manufacture of “caliquenyos” (small cigars).

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Following Holy Week, Bolbaite becomes immersed in its festivities in honour of its patron Saint Francis of Paola and Christ the Protector. The village’s neighbours, together with those of the surrounding areas, come together to watch the procession of Moors and Christians which also forms part of the festivities. They are accompanied by a range of civic and religious acts: dances, fireworks, parades and processions. There is also a week of cultural festivities. It takes place between 6th and 13th August and includes a wide range of cultural and sporting activities (theatre, concerts, the presentation of the festivities’ queen and organizers, etc.). The 14th, 15th and 16th August are given over to celebrations in honour of Saint Roche, with dances and festivities in Calle Calvario. The patron saint of Bolbaite, Saint Barbara, is honoured on 4th December. The festivities include a traditional “despertà”, during which the village’s neighbours are woken in the early morning by a band of musicians and singers in the streets, accompanied by fireworks, and the processions to and from the Hermitage with an effigy of the Saint. On 6th January (Epiphany), the Three Kings deliver presents to all the doorways of all the village’s neighbours. During the festivities in honour of Saint Anthony, which take place on 15th, 16th and 17th of January, festival lights are installed, bread and animals are blessed in the Church Square and, at night, fire is made to create embers on which to cook meat. There are peanuts and wine for all those present.

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