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Vallanca is a municipality pertaining to the administrative region of Rincón de Ademuz. It is located in the west of the region. The municipality borders to the north with Castielfabib and Salvacañete, to the east with Ademuz, to the south with Casas Bajas, and to the southwest with several municipalities in the province of Cuenca (Moya, Garcimolina and Algarra). The municipality covers an area of 56.49 km2 and is rugged. Its main geographical feature is the valley of the River Vallanca, or Bohigues, which crosses the municipality from west to east and flows into the River Turia in the village of Ademuz.

Agriculture and livestock farming are the village’s main activities. The agricultural land is dedicated to dryland farming (cereal and vines), with a small area of orchards near the River Vallanca. Livestock farming is centred on sheep-rearing and beekeeping. Vallanca currently has some 180 inhabitants. Within the municipality is the hamlet of Negrón, now almost deserted.


“Gachas” (porridge”),·”arroz empredado” rice with beans, stew, “gazpacho manchego”, rice “empredado” with beans, soup, “gazpacho manchego”, “migotes” with bread and potato, vetch, “migas de niño”, mead. Local pastries include “el pingao” or nut cake, raisin cake, “sequillos”, and nuts and almond nougat.

Places of interest:

The village of Vallanca is seated on the left bank of the River Boilgues, which is called “el Pequeño” by the locals, and occupies the western area of El Rincón de Ademuz.

The municipality is very steep and rugged, marked by the deep ravines of “Hoces del Boilgues”.

Its most scenic spots include:

– The Hermitage of Saint Roche
– La Fuente de la Teja
– El Prado de la Vega
– La Peña Horadada
– La Fuente del Chopo

Of interest to cycling fans, Vallanca is the location of the Valencia Region MTB Centres:

Santerón MTB Centre (Tel. 978782822)


On the Friday closest to 17th January, festivities are held in honour of Saint Anthony the Abbott, during which bonfires are lit in each neighbourhood. On 2nd August, the day of Our Lady of the Angels, the patron saint of the village, is celebrated. The village’s main festivities are held in honour of Saint Roche between 14th and 17th August (16th is the day of the saint). On 13th June, festivities are held in the hamlet of Negrón in honour of the patron saint, Saint Anthony of Padua. Every seven years, the Septenate of Our Lady of Santerón is held between 16th and 26th September. A statue of the saint is carried down from the hermitage, located in Algarra (Cuenca) to the village of Villanca. Over the next nine days, the festivities known as “Fiestas Grandes” take place. The most recent Septenate was celebrated in the 2005, with the next scheduled for 2012. Each year, a pilgrimage to the sanctuary is held. On Pentecost Saturday a mass is held, together with a procession in honour of Our Lady, typical meals, market, dances accompanied by the Virgin, typical food, market, dancing to the sound of drums and dulzainas, and horse-running.

Tourist Info Vallanca

Dirección: Plaza de la Villa, 1
Código postal: 46141
Phone: 97 878 31 00
Hours: Mornings: Tuesday to Sunday from 9:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Guided tours of the
Castielfabib old town every Saturday at 11:30 a.m.

Centro de Interpretación: Molino de LA TOSCA
Calle Molino, 1
46145 Vallanca
Horario: los sábados de 10:00 a 14:00 horas.