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Sant Joan D´Ènova

A municipality located 6 km from Alberic and 44 km from Valencia. It has an approximate population of 400 inhabitants. The area is completely flat and occupied by sediment from the River Albaida, on whose right bank there are agricultural fields. Its economy is based exclusively on agricultural production, mainly the cultivation of oranges. The acreage dedicated to agriculture represents 94% of the total. The rest of the land is unproductive, as it is occupied by irrigation canals and urban constructions.


“Arròs al forn” (baked rice) with chickpeas, paella with rabbit, meatballs, “arnadí” with pumpkin and sweet potato.

Places of interest:

A fortified tower, remains of the old Palace of the Marquis of Bèlgida, the parish church of Saint John the Baptist and a range of buildings in the historical centre, considered of great architectural value.


The village’s main festivities are held on 24th June in honour of the Holy Christ of Agony and Saint John the Baptist. The August festivities are celebrated during the second week of the month. They are organized by the village council in collaboration with the “festeros” and the locals.

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