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Located in the eastern sector of Vall d’Albaida. The municipality’s terrain is hilly and mountainous. The main peaks are “Loma Alta” (449 m.), “Loma Requena” (353 m.) and “Cantal del Cazador”. The village is located on a plain, on the right bank of River Vernissa and at the foot of a hill. The climate is temperate, with cold winters; the prevailing winds blow from the east and west; the former is responsible for bringing rain, usually in autumn and winter.


The most notable local dishes are made with rice, including “arròs al forn” (baked rice) and “arròs amb costra” (crusty rice). Other dishes include “coques de dacsa”, rabbit with garlic and noodles with fish stock.

Local sweets and pastries include “pastissets of moniato i els ametla” (sweet potato and almond cakes).

Places of interest:

Font Bella (with recreational area, paella-making facilities, etc.). Where the village women formerly did the washing and collected water for domestic use. The area has been renovated and is equipped with tables and facilities for making barbecues and paellas with firewood.

Font de la Murta (located in the mountains)

Riu-raus. Formerly used for harvested grapes. The harvested grapes were scalded with boiling water and then dried in the sun. The grapes were then kept inside the building during the night or when there were threats of rain.

Old town. As befits a humble, farming village, local features include the church of Saint John the Baptist, “Calle d’en Mig”, which is used for Valencian “pelota” competitions, and the monument erected in memory of “La Poassa”, a former communal trough for cattle.

Church of Saint John the Baptist. Dating from 16th century, it consists of a single nave with two chapels between buttresses. Mention may be made of the classical decoration of the pillars and the square belltower.


  • In January, Saint Anthony the Abbott.
  • On the Thursday before Ash Wednesday, “Cassoletes” (rice cooked with a crust) are prepared in the mountains.
  • In June, festivities are held in honour of Saint John the Baptist.
  • During the first weekend of August, festivities are celebrated in honour of the Immaculate Conception, the Divine Aurora and the Christ of Faith, together with Moors and Christians parades.
  • The Festivity of Our Lady of the Rosary is held on 1st October.
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