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Situated 18 kilometres from Valencia, Puçol strikes the visitor for the harmony of its streets and the balance between its colourful Mediterranean beach, the hospitality of the local agricultural people and the tranquillity of the mountains.


The combination of the sea, the agricultural land and the mountains is also felt in the village’s typical dishes.

“La olla de Nadal” (stew) and “sopa bruta” are the highlights of the local gastronomy (together with paella and “all i pebre”. Rabbit with tomatoes is typical dish during the festivities. Local sweets include “pastís blanc”, a very popular variant of roly-poly.

Places of interest:

The municipality has a mountainous area lying to the west: La Costera Natural Park, a forested area of great beauty and representative of the Mediterranean ecology.
To the east: l’Estany, the coastal extreme of “els Moros” marsh, a protected wetland that is a nesting ground for birds.
Caressed by the eastern breeze, Puçol Beach offers more than two kilometres of fine sand. Running from north to south, there is a pedestrian promenade that allows visitors to enjoy the sun, swim or rest in peace.

The quality of the beach has been distinguished with the Qualitur certificate and a Blue Flag. It has a tourist information office (Tourist Info Puçol) which is open during the tourist season.
Puçol also gives you the opportunity to explore its history, step by step, along the different routes that cross our village. The GR-10 is a long-distance route linking Puçol with Lisbon; Via Augusta is a Roman road linking the Pyrenees with Cadiz; the “Vía Verde” (Greenway) takes advantage of a section of the old mining railway running between Valencia and Calatayud; “Ruta del Cid”, which links Burgos to Valencia; and “Paseo al Mar”, which links the village with the beach.
In general, Puçol is a village that responds to the Mediterranean spirit and in which festivities are held every month of the year: from the procession of the Three Kings, the trade fair, the “Tapas” Route, the 9th October celebrations, Saint John’s Day, the popular and the patron saint festivities, bull-running, the main day of which falls on 7th September, among many others. The festivities are accompanied by events such as musical performances, children’s games, sports and activities for all ages.


The village’s main festivities are held on 24th June in honour of Saint John and between 1st and 9th September in honour of Our Lady at the Foot of the Cross.

The Day of the Bull is celebrated in the village streets on 7th September. “Fallas” are celebrated from 15th to 19th March.

Puçol Beach

Tourist Info Puçol

Dirección: Avenida Mediterráneo, s/n- Espai Voramar
Código postal: 46530
Teléfono: 669740119 (julio y agosto)
Fax: 961 421 303 ayunt.
From Monday to Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Sundays and holidays from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.