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The municipality of Tous is mostly known for its reservoir on the River Júcar, which collapsed in the flood of 1982. In 1979, the village was moved to its current location due to the construction of the Tous dam. It lies 14 km from Alzira, the capital of the administrative region, and 50 km from Valencia. Its population is approximately 1,200 inhabitants.


Tous’ gastronomic offer is rich, varied and characteristic of the inland areas. Local dishes include potatoes in broth with bay leaves, rice with wild herbs and dishes typical of mountainous areas, such as “gazpachos serranos”, “gachas” (porridge) and “migas”. Its sweets are well-known, including “mostachones” (macaroons), “capacicos” and “toñas”. Mention may also be made of the sweet potato cakes, “tortafinas” and “torta de llanda”, which are all made with local products. Mention may be made of the handmade local sausages and cured meats, and orange blossom and rosemary honey.

Places of interest:

It is possible to visit the reconstruction of the entrance of the old church of Tous. This door was the entrance to the old Church of Tous, which today lies under the waters of the reservoir. On the second level we find a niche that houses the image of Saint Michael the Archangel, flanked by Corinthian columns and topped by a double-edged triangular tympanum. It is a monument of great ornamental interest, dating from the early 18th century. It was constructed on the orders of the Baron of Tous and Terrabona, Jorge Juan de Castellvi. Following the flooding of the old village, the façade was submerged in the waters of the reservoir. However, in 1987, its stones were recovered, it was reconstructed and, in 2002, it was inaugurated. If we visit the village’s ancient settlement, we can contemplate the tower and the castle, located on the left bank of the River Júcar, within the southern foothills of the mountainous area of “La Cruz”. The castle was declared of Cultural Interest in 2002. Today it is only possible to see the remains of what was an important fortified Muslim town. The tower, located about 200m from the castle, is still standing despite the earthquake that tore up one of its sides. Another interesting place to visit is the Tous Dam. Its waters come from the Rivers Júcar and Escalona. Its waters are very clean, ideal for fishing and for hiking in the surrounding beautiful landscape.


Tous’ main festivities are celebrated from 18th September to 2nd October in honour of Saint Michael the Archangel. Events include open-air paellas, street dances, fancy dress competition, masses, processions, etc. The 29th is the most important day, as it is the day of the patron saint. If it falls on a Sunday, the Year of Saint Michael is celebrated, and the villagers carry the statue of the saint through the streets on their shoulders. In mid-August, a Cultural Week is held, which includes events for the elderly and for children. It also includes lectures, photography and painting exhibitions, the “volta a peu” running event, etc.

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