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Albuixech is a coastal village located in the administrative region of l’Horta Nord, 10 km from Valencia. It has about 1 km of low and sandy coast, which is 2 km from the village. Traditionally based on agriculture, today it is mainly an industrial and services village.


There are many notable dishes made with rice, including paella, “arroz a banda” (made with seafood) and “arròs amb fessols i naps” (rice with beans and turnip, beef and pork). Other dishes include roasts, ham, cheeses and typical local wines. Local sweets include “coques cristines”, “buñuelos” (fritters), “peladillas” (sugared almonds) and nougat.

Places of interest:

The main church (1783-1784), built around the first church, was extended in 1891 with the construction of the façade and the bell tower. To the left of the façade we find a quadrangular bell tower, with its three distinct parts. In the first, there are 3 arrowslits, in the second there is a square window and in third we find the bells. It is finished with a terrace with a balustrade. The bells have been recently renovated. “La Vía Xurra” is a route mainly designed for bicycles and which enables visitors to discover and enjoy Albuixech’s heritage. The bicycle path is built on the remains of an old railroad. It starts in Valencia and goes into the heart of l’Horta Nord to reach villages such as Puçol and Rafelbunyol, passing through Alboraya, Almasera and Albuixech.


The main festivities take place in late August and early September. They include the festivities dedicated to Christ, the Daughters of Mary and the “Clavarios” of the Rosary. The scheduled events include banns, floral offerings, parades, masses, “mascletaes” and fireworks. Festivities are held in honour of Saint Raymond, the patron saint of the village, on 31st August, and in honour of Our Lady of Albuixech on 2nd September. As in many Valencian municipalities, festivities are held in honour of Saint Anthony the Abbott on 17th January.

Tourist Info Albuixech

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