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Llanera de Ranes

It is located in the foothills of the Sierra de Enguera range, on the left bank of the River Cáñoles, at a distance of 7km of Xativa, capital of the administrative region, and 58km from Valencia. It is situated at an average altitude of 150m above sea level.


The highlight of Llanera de Ranes’ cuisine is “l’Arnadí”, a typical sweet from La Costera, made with pumpkin and sweet potato and cooked in a clay dish. The annual “National “Arnadí” Competition” is held here every December. “Llanera, the birthplace of “arnadí” in Spain”.

Places of interest:

In Llanera de Ranes it is worth visiting the Church of Saint John the Baptist, (19th century), the Parish Museum, Calvary-Hermitage (on the hillside), the Rafael Boluda Museum, dedicated to watercolours, with works by this local artist and a wide selection of national watercolourists, and the Luis Perales Museum.


The main festivities take place between late August and early September, in honour of the Holy Christ of the Faith, Divine Aurora and Saint John the Baptist, with a multitude of religious and recreational events. The main festivities are held in May in honour of Our Lady of the Forsaken.

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