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Rafelbunyol is a village near to the Sierra Calderona range, located in the northern part of the administrative region of l’Horta. Moncada Irrigation Canal divides the municipality in two. To the right lies “l’Horta”, and to the left the traditional drylands, which have been transformed into irrigation land.


The municipality of Rafelbunyol belongs to the administrative region of L’horta, and serves as a good example of Mediterranean cuisine, with special emphasis on rice and its various combinations. Mention may be made of the local paella and “arròs amb fesols i naps” (rice with beans and turnip). The most typical local sweets are “encarats” (cakes with sweet potato filling).

Places of interest:

Notable places of interest in this municipality, which is located near to the Sierra Calderona range in the administrative region of l’Horta, include the parish church of Saint Anthony the Abbott and the natural landscapes of “el Calvario”, “el Cabeç Bort” and “los Germanells” (archaeological site).


The main festivities are held during the first week of September in honour of the village’s patrons, Saint Abdon and Saint Sennen, and Our Lady of the Miracle. They include a wide variety of acts, including the very popular “nit de les paelles” (paella night) and “nit disfresses” (fancy dress night). Other festivities include Saint Anthony the Abbott (17th January) and “bous al carrer” (bull-running), held at the weekends in June. Festivities are held on 15th and 16th August in honour of Our Lady of August and Saint Roche.

Tourist Info Rafalbunyol

Tel.: 961410100 (Ayuntamiento)