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The municipality measures 3.26 km and runs from west to east from the foothills of the Sierra de Espadan range, almost to the coastal wetlands of the Mediterranean shore. It is located in the centre of the so-called “Vall Sego”. The area was used by the Romans who inhabited Sagunto for the construction of summer houses, attracted by the abundant waters originating in “Font de Quart”, the benign climate and harmony of its landscapes.
Its agricultural land provides the best strawberries in the country, exceptional muscat grapes, the best oranges in the region and a range of fruit and vegetables that includes melons, watermelons and tomatoes.


In addition to paella, mention may be made of the local stew made with meat and vegetables, as well as the dish known as “la olla”, prepared with meat or spinach. Among the sweet dishes, mention may be made of the local cakes and “coca” (pastry base with varied toppings).

Places of interest:

The village’s heritage includes the 17th-century parish church, which is a clear example of Valencian Baroque. The public lavoir has the typical structure common to other lavoirs in the region, while the Quartell Palace is waiting to undergo a restoration and rehabilitation process.
In the village’s surrounding area we find interesting inland dunes, as well as a protected wetland area known as “El Cuadro”, used as a winter habitat by various species of migratory birds as a winter habitat. This beautiful natural landscape forms part of the Sierra de Espadan range which envelops the valley in which the village of Quartell is located.  Its beautiful handicrafts, pottery or forged ironwork are also interesting. “El Moli Nou”: a wheat and rice mill which retains its original, 18th-century machinery. Sistar de Quartell. Dating from the 15th-century, it was formerly used to distribute the water from the different irrigation channels to the various areas of the municipality.


The village’s festivities are held in honour of the Guardian Angel and Saint Anne, and are organized by the clavarios (organizers of the festivities). Processions, parades, festivals, bull-running, concerts, fireworks, etc. Of special importance, due to its uniqueness, is “la Plantà del Pi”, which is held on the first Friday of the festivities and during which young people plant a large pine tree in the square. This is followed by a “Cordà”, a typical firework display with fireworks strung on cords in the street. Another highlight is the Día de Quintos, during which the village’s streets are literally converted into rivers of water. The representation of the Passion of Christ during Holy Week includes the participation of more than 100 local artists and natural scenery distributed throughout the village

Tourist Info Sagunt

Tourist Info Sagunt
Plaza Cronista Chabret S/N
46500 Sagunt/Sagunto
Teléfono: 962655859 – 962662213
Fax: 962662677
From Monday to Saturday from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Sun from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.