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Wine tourism

The Requena-Utiel region is famous for its vineyards and wines with Protected Denomination of Origin. Most of these wines (around 80% of the production) are made with the Bobal grape, which offers red wines and complex flavours and a lot of body. The València Denomination of Origin focuses its production in the Hoya de Buñol-Chiva area, where some muscat and mistelas, produced in Cheste, Chiva or Turía also stand out. The Vall d'Albaida offers magnificent quality wines in the Fontanars dels Alforins wineries, as is the case in others located in neighbouring towns, La Font de la Figuera, Moixent and Ontinyent that have given a spectacular push to wine production. One option for the visitor is to find out, on the websites of the wineries in the region, about the possibility of taking guided tours of the winery and enjoy a tasting led by expert winemakers.  http://www.doValè