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Calvestra is located 5km from Requena, surrounded by nature. Leisure center for children and adults offers a wide variety of leisure activities both in Calvestra and for adults in Requena, where they can enjoy wine tastings in the wineries in the area. It is also ideal for all those who want to practice mountain sports. We offer packages to spend the day or to stay throughout the weekend.


Ctra. Villar de Olmos - Km 5,7 - Requena, València (Spain)

961655344 - 654713797

Client typology

Mainly for groups of all sectors and family audiences with an interest in nature and leisure activities. Promotions are held throughout the year where a minimum number of participants is not requested, but outside of promotions to be able to stay, a minimum of 20 people is essential. However, there are packages to spend the day full of activities.