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La Safor - Xeraco


Xeraco For many years now the beach of Xeraco has offered camping sites for occasional vacationers drawn to this unique landscape, which is marked by a long line of dunes and is much less built-up than other point along the Valencia coast. The few buildings located on the beachfront leave ample open spaces and reinforce that image of a beach without burden. The blue flag on the beach mast attests to the value of this well-preserved portion of the coast. Further inland, the village of Xeraco reproduces the profile of many coastal towns of La Safor: tourist coast, urban center away from the sea in the area of orchards and orange trees and, finally, very mountainous interior area.


– Popularity: high. – Development: semi-developed. – Type of sand: golden. – Sand quality: fine grain. – Bathing conditions: moderate waves. – Water quality: optimal for bathing. – Transport: bus from Xeraco. – Hostelry: camping and restaurants. – Supervision: Red Cross. – Other services: showers, litter bins and playground. – Distances: 2 km from Xeraco and 57 km from Valencia. – Access: N-332, junction in the town of Xeraco, and junction 60 from the A7 motorway.